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Even the Proverbs 31 lady didn't do it all in one day!

The Perfect Home?

November 5, 2016

Is there really such a thing as the perfect home? Where everything is in its place and organized? 
We see on the tv, these homes, on that one channel that makes you either think, "Oh, I want to do that project!" or "I will never be that organized! Why try?"

I have news, you can get there to where you desire to be. Notice I did not say that you can arrive to the point of perfection. You can get there, to where you are comfortable with your home. It will take some effort, time and energy (sometimes cash). However, with a plan in mind (and best written out) you can achieve your goal!!!! 

Start out writing down what it is you want to accomplish, gather the pics (chances are you have them on your board on Pinterest). Then write out a step by step plan for what you want to accomplish. After that, write dates to accomplish that  beside each step and if there is a cost involved with just that step. 

Over time, it might be days or weeks or months, you will see changes happening and start getting that sense of gratification knowing that you are working toward something. It gives you a sense of pride knowing that that you are on the way to meeting one of your goals! It is no longer something that you are dreaming about or talking about, it is something that is really happening. 

What is holding you back? Go on, go get that paper, get the distractions out and get things going! You can do this! If God gave you the dream, get the determination.  Reach inside, ask for His help and wisdom. Get on your big girl panites and go to town!! 

Comment below so you have something written down on what it is you are going to start working on, that one thing you want to do and then get busy! 

Psalms 128:2 New Living Translation
You will enjoy the fruit of your labor. How joyful and prosperous you will be!

Ready - Set - Go!!!

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