Deborah Cutlip 

Even the Proverbs 31 lady didn't do it all in one day!

I think I've Found It!!! 

Remember when I posted about finding a notebook and making it my own?  Remember when I said no graph paper?  (See Below) Remember when I apologized to all the Bullet Journalist out there?  Yeeeaaaaahhhh, about that...... 

Hi!  My name is Deb and I am a Bullet Journalist!  Wow!!!  I have found what works for me!!!  I can create pages that I need (and want) and actually use each part of my planner/journal!!! 

I am so excited. I finally feel like I am gaining ground!  I am getting things accomplished. This is such a great feeling!  (You are probably going to be seeing more post now that I am getting more time by actually following through! 

I was talking with a couple of my close friends this past week and one mentioned something that has been rattling around in my brain for quite a while.  I would love to teach others how to be more organized or help others organize.  Time management skills, home, etc.  That just sounds wonderful.  I would like to know that the things I have struggled with will benefit someone.  Just like the scripture on the Home Page, Iron sharpens Iron.  We can benefit from helping each other. 

Be sure and check back later, I want to cover some things that have been really helpful in my learning to Bullet Journal! 

Until then, if you have any questions or need any help, let me know!!!


What's a Girl To Do?

There are so many planners out there! My problem is that there is something that I love about each one and I don't know what to choose! 

I love the size of this one and the lay out of  another, the functionality of this one and ohhhh this one is adorable!!!  Why in the world can they not make this easy one us planner junkies? 

I am almost to the point of getting everything set up on my iPad but then.... I would need cute folder or something to carry around all those papers that fall out of my planner! Ugh. What is a girl to do??? 

So, for those that are having this same dilemma at the close of the first quarter of the year (when the newness of the beginning of the year planner wears off), I am going to make a list (but not on graph paper - that stuff drives me nuts. Sorry to all the bullet journalist.). I need to see exactly what it is I am needing in a planner. 

I am going to grab a spiral notebook here at my desk (that is cute) and start using it daily for my to do's and such. After a week or so, I am going to see the tabs I added, the things I wrote down, the journaling I did and go from there. 

Who knows, maybe, just maybe that will even work and exchange it out every quarter and keep my calendar (becasue I need the reminders) in my phone and iPad. 

I will keep you updated on this excited journey. Wish me luck! Now to find stickers to make my notebook pages pretty and functional :)